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At intellidigital, everyone's ideas are valued. No opinion gets left unheard, and all of our projects are a group effort.



We are quick-witted and intelligent. A group of forward-thinkers with different strengths is what makes intellidigital so successful.



We are a ambitious group of people at intellidigital. We work hard on our projects, for our clients, for our company and for ourselves. We love what we do, and we are passionate about it too!



We are a bit unorthodox at intellidigital, and that's what keeps thinks so fun. We enjoy thinking outside of the box and letting our true colors shine.



We are a group of inventors, innovators, and avant-garde's at intellidigital. We are always coming up with new ideas to keep things fresh, original, and creative.



We are always focused on the client before ourselves. At intellidigital, we have servant-hearts, and our empathetic to our client's needs, current situations, and desires.

who we are


Julia Brock


Julia Brock started her marketing experience when she founded her non-profit organization, Blessed Children. After months of reading marketing books and taking courses, Julia became an expert at marketing on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Julia received her degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Alabama in 2014, and enjoys applying her love of research and problem-solving in the marketing world.

Drew Porter Nashville

Drew Porter

UI/UX Director

Drew Porter is a former student of the University of Alabama, studying Business Finance and Audio Engineering. With an aesthetic eye and a love for the arts, he finds passion in his ability to take ideas and concepts to the next level - always above and beyond the customer’s needs and expectations. A strong set of UI/UX tools are brought to intellidigital’s table thanks to Drew’s broad experience in design, customer relations, and marketing.


Aryana McLure

Content Director

Aryana started her journey with marketing in college, where she graduated with her B.S. in Technical Communications from Arizona State University. Aryana started her career as a content and technical writer, but has now expanded her responsbilities and is a Marketing and Communcations Specialist. Aryana has extensive knowledge and currently writes for the Department of Defense.


Lauren Petrillo

Project Director

Lauren started her career at a start-up in Philadelphia, after receiving her degree from the University of Alabama in Business Management. She worked with all aspects of the business including Supply Chain, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources. She helped grow the start up from 3 major cities to 10 within a year. After working with the start-up she received a job down in the DC area as an Account Manager. Lauren enjoys working within tight deadlines and delivering results in an efficient and timely manner.


Victoria Kelly

SEO/SEM Specialist

Victoria started her experience through an internship with a Warren Buffett company in Andover, MA. She learned all aspects of digital marketing, which landed her a job at a NYC SEO startup after graduating from the Univeristy of Alabama. After working for the startup for a year, she was eager to move to DC and received a job as a Digital Marketing Analyst for Lidl. Victoria enjoys analyzing data to find the best solutions to exceed client’s goals.


Amy Petrie

Social Media Director

Amy Petrie is a senior at Pennsylvania State University. She is majoring in Entrepreneurship, which she found her passion for at age 16 when she started her own business. She will be receiving her B.S. in May of 2018 at the age of 21, one year early. Recently, she has gained experience with Twitter marketing, and is currently in the process of applying to grad schools.

Rachel Silva Nashville

Rachel Silva

Social Media Manager

Rachel graduated from Texas A&M with degrees in Ecological Restoration and Forestry. She got started in marketing after creating an Instagram account to showcase her travel and nature photography. After taking some social media courses, she began managing accounts for friends and their businesses. Rachel currently helps run a music therapy non-profit, teaches children how to read and do math after school, and volunteers at the humane society and science center. She strives to bring unique perspectives to every project and loves using social media to bring attention to environmental and social issues.


Kevin Anderson

Art Director

Kevin Anderson is a passionate artist who is diverse in a wide range of mediums. Specifically, he enjoys working with paint (oil, water color, and acrylic), print making (screen printing, relief, intaglio), typography, sculpture (wood, metals, and clay), and ceramics (from throwing to hand built). He also has a strong background in color theory and design. Kevin is currently pursuing supplemental classes in other mediums, as he has yet to pick up a material that he hasn't mastered.


Laura Brock

Film Director

Laura Brock is a sophomore at Mass College of Art & Design majoring in Film and currently resides in Boston, MA. Laura found her passion for arts when she was just 3 years old, and began working with film when she was just 12 years old. Laura is skilled with a variety of mediums, but chose to pursue film in order to capture the things she is most passionate about: human rights, green technology, animals, nature, and equality.


Natasha Quijano

Social Media Manager

Natasha Quijano is a senior at Suffolk University majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing. Currently residing in Cambridge, MA, Natasha has a passion for the Arts and Technology. She has managed to complete a UX Design as well as a Digital Marketing Certificate and is in the process of applying for an Immersive Web Development Certificate. Natasha specializes in Social Media, UX/UI Design and Digital Marketing.

David Brock Boston and Nashville

David Brock

Technical Advisor

David Brock is the inventor of the RFID tag for products, Auto-ID, EPCglobal, and machine to machine. David holds degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and received his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in 1993. David has always dreamed of an interconnected world and aims to to change how the world communicates and processes data with his most recent technology.


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