Branding is one of the most important aspects of your company, and it does not just include logo and print design. Branding your company sets the framework for all of the other componenets of your company. Branding combines your story, your values, your goals, your promise, and your visuals -- all into one. The best brands of all are those which can be defined by your clients.


You may have noticed the illustrated graphics online recently -- formally called flat vector design, which was made popular by Apple when they released the iPhone 7 (remember that re-design?).

That is just one of the many graphic designs we are able to create, and it is the graphics that tie everything else together: your website, your brand, your message, your colors, and your layout.


At intellidigital, we do not create any websites that are not responsive. What this means is that you can look at a web page in your browser, reduce the size of the browser so that it is as small as your mobile device, and it transforms before your eyes.

Responsive design is important primarily because everyone is looking at a different screen size. From flip phones, to smart phones, to tablets, to desktops -- it is critical to your company that your web page be easy-to-view on any device, and for that reason, we don't even bother offering any other web design but the best design -- responsive.


User experience is not a step-by-step process, but when done correctly, it has the ability to dramatically increase your company's bottom line. The way to do this is by creating a story for your clients that is intuitive and exciting.

Our user interface and experience design includes: information architecture, user-testing, storytelling and customer journeys, and interactive and animated design depending on the experience we are creating.


E-commerce is expected to grow by 8-12% by 2020. With an effective e-commerce web design, you are able to tap into that growing market. Our team collaborates to find the best web solution for your needs, in order to increase your brand awareness and get you a good return on your investment.


Traditional marketing and online advertising is dead. In a study conducted by SocialChorus, it was determined that only 6% of millennials trust online ads. That doesn't mean that you can't have online ads. It means you need to adjust to the current digital marketing trends of 2017. Viral marketing, video stories, video livestreaming, and video marketing will dominate over 80% of all web traffic by 2019.


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